About the Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology


The Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology (JSIR) can trace its history back almost 30 years, to 1982, when its predecessor, the Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology, was established. The aims of the JSIR are to develop research and technologies in interventional radiology and related domains, while contributing to human welfare by building public awareness in ties with research operations in Japan and overseas. At present, the JSIR has approximately 2,300 members. Elected from among them, some 200 representatives, 15 directors, and two auditors are responsible for the running of the society.



The JSIR actively hosts study meetings, workshops, and seminars in addition to its annual meeting each May. These events attract the participation of many members and non-members. Another activity that differentiates the JSIR is its extensive work in educating young interventional radiologists, including hands-on seminars essential to acquiring the manual skills needed for interventional radiology. The JSIR publishes a quarterly journal, with each issue containing special features on cutting-edge topics as well as original papers. (Refer to the page for abstracts in English.) Please feel free to contact the JSIR office for any inquiries.